Wednesday, 17 October 2012

What Now?

We have so much coming at us in these complex and fast paced times...sometimes we think we are going crazy...and sometimes we are just spinning out of control. What can we do about it?

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

How are you at 'silly'?

The Ahmahaa are guidelines, which can help those of us who are ready and willing, to become more silly, knowing less, somewhat stupid, childlike etc. and who also identify with the global climate change issue, and feel that such an approach can help us get better on with family, friends and as human beings.

So let's start now! Use your mic, webcam and do a demo/s by way of body language, your face, gibberish, song, dance, jumping etc. Show how you express silliness, stupidity and other manners which can break rigidity, help communication, lessen tension and create an instant better feeling. Show yourself and others how little things ie. a gesture, a look, a vocal sound, a movement and so on, in a blink of an eye can transform a situation and take us to another dimension.  You don't need any philosophy, psychology, special knowledge to do this, just something spontaneous coming up within you, Ahh!

Create ripples within yourself and around~~~~
From small “insignificant things” big things can grow... lets start now!

Please upload your demos to the Ahmahaa channel or if you wish, contact us and together we can show our healing and transformative silliness. 

 You are probably also asking what's this about and what has this apparently silly thing to do with communication?

As you keep on watching and exploring our videos, we will explain and demonstrate as best we can how the above and other of the Ahmahaa practices fit into this unique communication approach.


 We would appreciate if you would like to leave a comment or make a suggestion.

You are also most welcome to join our free online course/s and discussions.


Monday, 8 October 2012

Ahmahaa Parapsychology

A little bit more about the Ahmahaa and the psychology/parapsychology behind it. So simple and yet can be so powerful.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Get the Vibe?

hello everyone,

please watch this video to get a feel what
the Ahmahaa communication approach is about.
you can also watch our other vids on the ahmahaa

youtube channel.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Hello everyone

 and especially friends who like Ahmahaa.

Excuse my not good English but I hope u understand.

My name Moti and I introduce Ahmahaa to West, and with friends who help with English, I try write about Ahmahaa.

Founders of Ahmahaa, Kwan and Mo. They long time ago pass on into other world...
Me have good fortune live in India with them for some time and receive their vibrations....

In Ahmahaa, practices/meditations very important. They can make us more sensitive, open to ourselves and friends.
Everything vibrate, everything energy~~~~in Ahmahaa practices/meditations and tuning in vibrations go together.

O.K, now a little more about Kwan and Mo the founders of Ahmahaa. 
The lady Kwan came from Nepal and Mo from Peru and live in India for many years. He South American Indian and know much about Ayahuasca...
I meet them and their friends when they already old. They not have house, they wanderers, sleep outside and make handicrafts and sell markets every place they go.
They meet many western people and see we have communication  and relationship problems. So they come up with Ahmahaa communication approach to help.

Ahmahaa no have guru or organization. Ahmahaa is association. We believe environment, ecology and nature and do something for global warming.

Ahmahaa have guidelines but not have ideology/dogma.
Ahmahaa guidelines help form small democratic independent communities online and on the ground.

In Ahmahaa we have members who do practices/meditations for create group dynamic/culture.

Ahmahaa new. We now begin share this unusual communication approach.
Contact us by email
We want keep on do videos, animations etc for simplify, so even cat, dog and other animal can feel/understand ahmahaa vibration - horses for courses...

If you want understand more in good English about ahmahaa please watch our videos Youtube - Ahmahaa Cannel.
Thanks everyone for support.